Sunday, 24 August 2014

Empire Avenue and Career Success

It may be hard to see a link between career success and Empire Avenue however there can be a strong link which I will hopefully explain.

'Social networking can be an integral part of your career building, if you use it correctly. If you don't, even information you consider private could cost you your job and damage your career.' (abbreviated) - Alison Doyle - Job Expert

"Social media has made it easy and acceptable for you to advertise your skills and to connect with others who may be interested in your professional services. If you're not using it you could be missing out on opportunities to advance your career interests." - Corinne Mills is managing director of Personal Career Management and is author of several best-selling career books.

Self promotion, if done correctly, is an essential part of any personal career management plan or career success formula. Being published or even curating valuable information that relates to your expertise or industry is a great way to impress both your customers and your employers alike. As a young supervisor I was asked to write an article on  behalf of my employer on equipment leasing for a prestigious accounting magazine. The article was then republished in both government guides and other professional publications. Within six months I was promoted to the department manager and within two years was managing one of the companies largest branches. Sure you still have to perform your tasks well however if no one notices you then you don't get offered the opportunities to excel.

That brings me to Empire Avenue's potential to enhance your career success prospects.

When recently asked, a number of experienced players described what they liked best about being members of Empire Avenue. The messages that stuck out where:

"The People you interact with, and learning different ways to leverage social media."

"For me, EA has been a school of social media along with making connections; both locally and globally!"

"Excellent place to find other's content and draw attention to your own content ....and you meet some great (and influential) social media people."

Finally as another current player put it:

Empire Avenue lets you amplify your content and social awareness. It taps you into a network of other creators, curators and community moderators with a similar goal; to increase their social worth. By investing in others, like a social stock exchange, and by completing missions or requests on your time, you are able to earn virtual I.O.U. points which can be saved up and traded in when you have some content or profiles of your own that needs a boost.

Another perspective from friend Lynn O'Connell

"How does all this help your career? Simple. When you connect with people on Empire Avenue who share your interests, they aren't just random people. They are people who are active and influential in social media. So, when you write an important article, they can help you stand out in the (very) crowded online space. Instead of disappearing into the online void, your article -- or your pages or your Twitter feed -- are seen and shared by more people, which validates your expertise and your influence. You can use that to raise your own profile within your profession or to help your employer. Of course, you'll need to create or curate good content, and you need to nurture your Empire Avenue relationships. When you do both, the results truly ARE social media rocket fuel."

Can your career success be influenced by Empire Avenue participation? YES

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Monday, 17 March 2014

Is Neurs a Scam?

Today I got half way through accepting a free Neurs affiliate offer. Below you will find a pic of the half completed form.

My problem is that they are asking for information that should not. in my opinion, be given to Neurs or any other relatively unknown entity over the net. They are looking for social security, passport or driver's licence numbers. This I find too risky to comply with. What I also found disturbing is that after starting the acceptance process all links on my Neurs page now seem blocked and all links go back to the half completed Neurs acceptance form.

I have tried to post to what appears to be their Facebook page but can only post to the comments section of their own posts in spite of the invite to 'be the first to write something on their page'.

One other issue is the slight change of their story over time such as the "one time affiliate sign up fee", which has recently been 'modified to requiring a 'renewal' fee in December 2015 .

Can I suggest before you hand over sensitive personal information you need to read some of the other reviews on the net and think very carefully about having your sensitive information stored by a yet untested business.

So is NEURS a scam? Only time will tell.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Social Media & The Rotary 4 Way Test

Social Media flaming sessions often seem to erupt particularly between some of the supposed leaders of their various areas. This of course is quite human however from a long term reputation perspective disputes and flaming sessions can be quite damaging to both innocent and guilty alike. So what is a good reputation management rule that may be helpful.

Can I suggest before posting we remember two things. The first comes from some years back when a large amount of renowned artists recorded "We are the World". Bob Geldof hung a sign on the door of the recording studio which said "Leave Your Ego At The Door".

The second handy social media 'rule' could be to apply the Rotary 4 Way Test.

Of the things we think, say or do
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
I would like to add a fifth one actually:


Now I know we can't all do this all the time however it may be a good checklist to consider before getting embroiled in an energy sucking on line argument and mutual flaming session.

Five Tips on Becoming a Google+ Pro

1. Post valuable content to your Google+ timeline and particularly on Community Pages

Communities are where people with special interests congregate. If you add valuable relevant information you will gain attention and probably even a number of the "right sort" of followers. It's all about adding value!

2. Use Keywords that are Relevant to Your "Core Message" or Business

This goes for posts with hash tags and your profile page. Lets face it if you are talking about "stuff" then that "stuff" needs to be mentioned and mentioned a few times. Talking of stuff don't try "stuffing your posts with keywords" that's a Google sin.

3. Be consistent with your posts

Stay on topic, being consistent in what you are talking about is very important. Sure you can add a little personal stuff every now and then however don't constantly swap topics. If people read your posts about say "career success" they are not going to stay with you if you do a whole bunch of posts about how to cook a chocolate cake. If you have different interests use your relevant circles to post on different topics.

4. See Google+ as a "means to an end" not an end in itself

Many people chase the number count in G+ (and other social media) as if it is some sort of prize or competition. It's not. Google plus is just a tool to direct people to the stuff you actually own whether it be a blog or a product.

5. Comment on your other’s posts

Successful social media operation is personal and about well managed interactions. One of the best ways to get in front of others (particularly influential others) is to intelligently comment on their posts. 

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