Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pennsylvania Lottery Fraud

BEWARE of the Pennsylvania Lottery Fraud

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Monday, 17 March 2014

Is Neurs a Scam?

Today I got half way through accepting a free Neurs affiliate offer. Below you will find a pic of the half completed form.

My problem is that they are asking for information that should not. in my opinion, be given to Neurs or any other relatively unknown entity over the net. They are looking for social security, passport or driver's licence numbers. This I find too risky to comply with. What I also found disturbing is that after starting the acceptance process all links on my Neurs page now seem blocked and all links go back to the half completed Neurs acceptance form.

I have tried to post to what appears to be their Facebook page but can only post to the comments section of their own posts in spite of the invite to 'be the first to write something on their page'.

One other issue is the slight change of their story over time such as the "one time affiliate sign up fee", which has recently been 'modified to requiring a 'renewal' fee in December 2015 .

Can I suggest before you hand over sensitive personal information you need to read some of the other reviews on the net and think very carefully about having your sensitive information stored by a yet untested business.

So is NEURS a scam? Only time will tell.