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Historically management and a managers attributes have been seen as falling along a line that runs from: autocratic --- through --- democratic --- to --- laissez-fair. Mangers once picked a style and stuck with it.

Modern attitudes and practices are a little more enlightened and beliefs in such old methods need to be dismissed. With managers needing to be leaders a dilemma occurs because management has been about rules, input control, supervision, discipline and maintaining the status quo. Leadership is though more about vision, risk taking, inspiration of followers, destroying the old, seeking new opportunities and creating more effective outputs.

A major requirement for modern mangers/leaders is to have or develop high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQi emotional quotient intelligence) which is said to contribute 80-90% of the competencies that distinguish outstanding from average leaders.

IQ is obviously important in understanding the technical aspects of a leadership role, particularly in creating your vision setting and strategic planning; however, in higher levels of organizations, differences in technical skills become less important or perhaps as some argue, of no importance at all. Vision, excellence in communication and the ability to inspire others is where success lies

The site "orglearn" is dedicated to providing at least some basic management/leadership information and links to other resources that will help at work students of management and human behaviour, to at least make a start into what, if you are to be successful, will need to be a "lifetime study". Not every manager has the time or resources to undertake formal study or courses. Most of my time is spent in training young managers in the competencies needed to fulfill their role particularly when they move from being the technical expert to become "the Manager" and I thought the resources provided on orglearn may help.

The second role of this site is to provide individuals with advice on how to complete their resume. This section grew through popular demand and resume writers from all over the planet have found the free blank resume form and it is used constantly. You fill in the resume form online edit it print it out (see resume form instructions) and even send it to Ric for backup.

Resume - Curriculum Vitae - Your Brand
Your resume is perhaps one of the most important career documents you have and investing time on resume improvement is never wasted. A generic or all-purpose resume is OK however you must edit or make your resume to specifically match the particulat job you are applying for. If you require personal help with preparing/editing your resume their is a link and further information at the bottom of the blank resume form, resume samples and examples and resume help tips page here: resume examples samples form and resume writing tips Ric

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