Wednesday, 28 December 2011

So Where Do We Go When We Die

I recently read an article that discussed what we would leave behind when we died. Being a recent cancer survivor this thought resonated with me.

Additionally a website I had created for my local community had expired as no one had bothered to renew it. It was gone wiped possibly never to be seen again.

So what will happen to all the years of work and effort I have put into my website and other activities on the web? What about all the articles I have written and posted to my self hosted WordPress blogs?

With that in mind I thought perhaps I should reproduce my "stuff" ('wisdom') on a public site that at  least in theory would float around in the web-sphere forever. Hence this blog.

The images above are of my website created on: 12-Oct-1999 21:24:56 UTC. The initial idea was to provide a resource site for my management trainees. The site's interactive resume form became quite popular and I monetized the site in the early 2000's using Google AdSense. Until recently a reasonable, if small, income was produced, however the now infamous Panda algorithm change has cut the income by 2/3rds.

I was hoping to leave a small steady income stream for my grandchild (grandchildren) however that is proving a difficult and time consuming, albiet an intellectually challenging, process.

I will gradually transfer all the information from the site to this blog... hmmm then there is the duplicate information problem.

So what what will you leave behind of your thoughts and accumulated wisdom when you die?

To view the site the address is and it is full of career success tips and articles.

Hope you will find your way back here for updates and articles.

Ric (Richard Ian Selby Townsend)

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