Tuesday, 6 March 2012

How to Stay Motivated

On many occasions I written that you can't motivate others. Here is a very good video on the topic of motivation! Only a few minutes however very good advice.

Want to inspire others? Want to stay motivated yourself the video's four tips will help.

If you are working in an uninspiring postion and you need an improved resume hop onto this resume sample and start building your resume and perhaps a more inspiring future.


  1. 4 useful tips and a good distinction between motivation and inspiration.

    I would add a 5th, Gratitude. No matter how bad we might think our situation, if we have a roof over our heads and clean water, we are more fortunate than millions of others.

    Being grateful for what we have and have already accomplished in our lives can be highly motivating.

  2. Nice post and video Richard! Who DOESN'T need tips for motivation these days? :) I can only speak for myself of course but there are so many things in this business and life in general to keep one from being motivated that having ANY tricks or tips or assistance is greatly appreciated by me. Awesome!

  3. I really loved the clarification of motivation and inspiration. Some of the things I do for inspiration that keep me motivated include reading inspirational material 30 minutes each day and listening to inspirational material 30 minutes each day.

    We live in such a negative world that we must constantly feed our minds the good stuff and not let the bad, or negative stuff, take over and control us.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Make it an awesome day!