Monday, 27 February 2012

Your Resume Destroyed by a Negative Social Media Image

As I said in my last post "Many HR writers and articles are now asserting that your social media profile is your new resume."

Last time I wrote about the 'positives'.

So what can kill your chances of a job interview and even perhaps destroy your current career.

The one that leaps out is photos, photos, photos… you must not ever allow unflattering photos of yourself to appear anywhere… ever.

Fred videoed in his company shirt
swearing, drinking and raving on.
Being Overly Opinionated can also be risky so keep your views on politics, race, religion, pet hates and people you detest out of your social media activities… always.

Trouble at work is a no comment zone. If you are having problems at work keep it work and take it up directly with your employer. Even if you leave your next potential employer will see that you are willing to publicly denigrate those that pay your salary and will not therefore consider you as a suitable applicant.

Take care with  the colourful language. Now amongst mates or your circle of girlfriend it may be the norm however in written or recorded public messages it just a no no!

Comment about drugs and drinking cannot be discussed… A casual 'hey we all got whacked and pissed last night' can be a definite job killer.

Can I also suggest you remove yourself from unprofessional or 'whacky' groups.

Again and I've said ti many times use a decent email address "sexyric"@html.blah  just wont cut it. Particularly as it is not true.

It's bad to let things slide! If someone does tag you in a photo you don't like or makes derogatory remarks you fight like hell to get it fixed, just leaving it out there is not an option.

Here is a resume example if you need one and your social media profile is clean.