Monday, 20 February 2012

Social Media as Your Resume and Testimony

Many HR writers and articles are now asserting that your social media profile is your new resume.

It can also be a major boost in your career progression and greatly contribute to how you are commercially and/or professionally perceived.

So what are the positives?

You can demonstrate your technical and commercial competence, skills and knowledge.

You can become a recognised and respected expert in your field for both your social group and the wider community.

What must you have or do?

You must have a squeaky clean Facebook account

Keep a clean Facebook profile, by removing the not so savoury activities you may have been involved in. Also make sure the settings are appropriate and remove the mad moments that may have been photographed.

Set up a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated

This is purely a career or business networking website. Most LinkedIn users are there to connect with other professionals and/or re-connect with former colleagues.

Take advantage of Twitter

Twitter is the best way to promote yourself to a large audience and your tweets should point to your other social media accounts. Follow professionals in your field.

Create a personal website or blog
Use a perusal website as a resume and a blog if you are willing to write an occasional article on your area of expertise. Use Blogger as you are best sticking with Google

Have a 'Professional' avatar or Picture 

Keep away from the silly hats, pictures with your kids or pets and don't use a cartoon. While I'm at it open a gmail account using your own name or a close as you can get to it. "spunkyjohn@htomail just won't cut it.. unless you're a porn star.

Join Google Plus

Google, because of its circles can give you a constant stream of industry or professional updates. It is the serious social media business platform.

Link it all together

All social media sites need to be cross linked.

And this is just a beginning.

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  1. I work for ResumeBear, we've said all along be careful what you post online. You never know who is watching. Everyone should take this message seriously.

  2. Some good points everyone should keep in mind as they continue to develop their social media profiles.

  3. I agree. Good tips for facebook -- keeping your profile cleaned up. I think it's ok to show a silly side, to show who you really are, but nothing inappropriate or angry. I think people in their 20s will come to regret some things they post!

    I have all these profiles, but I need a professional photo. That's my next social media step. ;)

  4. Its very true that these days companies are looking into different social profile for judging a candidate because these platforms enables them to find out suitability for a particular post.

  5. I totally agree with you here, Richard. Social Media is taking over. You already need a squeaky clean CV to get into certain jobs.

    Your article reminds me, I need to get my Linked In profile up to date, even though I am self-employed it's still good as a selling pitch.

  6. I started teaching Social Media 3 years ago and have stated all of these steps in all of my seminars. Especially the professional photo. I also tell everyone to use the same one through every profile. It becomes your brand.

  7. I'm a little freaked out by your changing font sizes but basically this has been true for me. I have barely used a resume since LinkedIn. As you may notice though, I'm not a fan. It seems that Blogger/Wordpress is the new PC/Apple.

    1. Yes Markus it freaks me out as well however a recent article I read on blogging states it was the best way to get people to actually read the blog. Long paragraphs of standard text puts many off. It should have had a relevant photo or two in it as well. I know if I see a long post I tend to shy away also. Thanks for your input Ric

  8. Agree with a lot, especially linking profiles. My favorite thing about Empire Avenue is that it's a good way of centralizing your efforts and gauging your progress.

    That said, as someone who follows the computer graphics industry very closely, I personally think G+ has a long way to go before it catches Twitter as an information stream.

  9. There is no doubt that the Web has become huge in hiring and firing to for that matter. Puts the whole equation on a whole new platform. Do we really even have a private life anymore?

  10. Good stuff Richard, would add that consistency is important, promoting the same brand of "you" same photo and avatar, complementary content in profiles. While we should adapt to the nuances and subtle differences of each platform, we still need to have the same strong sense of who we are, our values etc. shining through.

    No good trying to make out we are 20 year olds on FB and mature solid 40 year olds on Linked In. Soon get found out that way!

  11. I agree with your blog, social media as a resume through facebook. This tools in the modern technology help us communicate and unite us with our life today.