Sunday, 29 July 2012

Avatars and Social Media Success

Social media success ia about presenting a positive public face to the world.

I am astonished how many don't get the idea and have written about this topic before.

Here are some examples of the some great avatars mixed with some that just don't give you a friendly feeling.

So who would you rather deal with mr anonymous in the blue gear, the dog, the 'standard'... I didn't put an effort in mr smiley, one of the guys hiding their head, someone in dark glasses, the cartoon chicken or one of the others.

Its all about building trust.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

When Two Men Meet - Imagine

History shows when two men meet often as not they will come into conflict and one will die.

When men grow families and they meet other families often the two will feud and one will be obliterated or else the next generation will seek revenge.

When extended families form clans these greater groups will clash over females, livestock and land. Just take a look at Syria and Afghanistan to name but two.

When clans grow to groups that form villages, towns or cities, plunder and pillage will follow… again proven by history and strongly reinforced by current events.

When states or countries are formed national boundaries and integrity must be protected, so nations will attack each other and often neighbouring countries or even the rest of world can be drawn into the conflict. Now men and of course women and children die in vast numbers.

When men create religious divisions within societies… so called civilisations clash. Today’s rash of crazy religions based of irrational thought and fear of reality is creating a great deal of disastrous behaviour for individuals the world over. Religion is often at the centre of culture and I was taught, ‘no culture is bad just different’. I have grown to believe that that is rubbish, some cultures need to be stomped on as they are based on past realities and despicable practices and traditions.

An unfortunate fact: All conflict is limited by reach and today reach from a global perspective and through the wonders of modern technology is almost unlimited.

So how do we at least begin to stop the ever growing madness fuelled by those with immense power needs who are given succour and ‘legitimacy’ by large numbers of ignorant followers that demonstrate extremely low levels of emotional intelligence.

A possible start:

When men and women form a world conflict theoretically could only occur, given what I have said above, with other worlds. As, at least for the foreseeable future, other worlds are so far are out of reach that no conflict could occur.

Conclusion: Best for humanity to think about how to form a world and forget self, family, clan, city, country, religion and parochial cultures.

Yes I know it’s almost impossible, however…. IMAGINE