Saturday, 13 October 2018

What do you do when the job applicant doesn’t fit the job description?

You’ve advertised for a new staff member to replace someone who is leaving your organisation. As part of the ad you have listed a reasonably detailed list of skills you require based on the past on the tasks completed by the current incumbent. You decide to interview the top ten applicants based on their resumes and references and include a couple who don’t have the full list of skills you require based on other strengths they appear to have.

After the interviews you realise the most outstanding prospect is shot in two skill areas you require. In spite of that you realise this patron would make an outstanding employee and a dd great value to your organisation. So what do you do? Do you 1) pass up on all that potential and accept a lesser person because they have all your listed skills or 2) would it be better to redesign the job scope and find another way to fill the skills gap?

For my money, number two will always be the better option.

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